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Things you should know before marrying that sexy young Filipino Woman

Buying the Dream?

Are you thinking that a sexy Filipino woman would be perfect for a second chance at love, and companionship. That a young beautiful Asian woman is romantic, sexy, and a that a new life with this woman is a dream come true. Well there are many websites out there that are making a lot of money selling you on this dream.

Opening your Eyes

The reality to a successful Fil-West marriage is a bit harder to find that you might think. Thing can go wrong. Very wrong. I only want to open the eyes of some men who might be glossing over a long distance relationship with a woman from the Philippines. The cultural differences versus American woman are something you need to be prepared for.

Other sites gloss over negative aspects

Thousands of men are marrying women from the Philippines each and every year. Most are thinking that it will be an ideal situation. Its not everyday that an average western guy can marry a younger beautiful Asian woman. Also most of the websites out on the web have some interest or stake in promoting these unions and definitely gloss over any negative aspects that come from such marriages.  The goal is to not promote any negative stereotypes, but to educate the common man who is strongly considering marring a woman from the Philippines.

She may be too eager

Notice from the poll how many people find this topic offensive. The reality is that over 1 Million Filipinos leave their country each year. 1/3 of the Philippines gross domestic product is from money sent back. Unfortunately many will do and say most anything to get into a more promising situation. Some are highly educated professionals in their respective fields, but many will work as domestic workers or a few as prostitutes in Hong Kong or other Asian countries. This inherently does not make Filipinos a bad people, but is a very hot topic, and I can not start to tell you about all the emails from people who want me to shut this site down. Life all around the world is tied to money and some people want it more than the truth.

So you have been looking at or chatting with these pretty Filipino women and start think you are extra special and lucky, well you might need a reality check. I am not saying that many marriages to Filipinas don’t always work out fine, because they do! I had many friends in Fil-Am relationships that were happy. If you are open to other cultures then you will enjoy having these new Filipino cultural experiences in your life. The food and the social life is amazing.

I just want to provide you with some information that will help open your eyes to some of the cultural and other behaviors that will be a big part of your new life together and they might end up causing some large tensions in your relationship. And it may end up costing you a massive loss in time and money or maybe even ruin your life altogether. Some of these women are professional scam artists. They will play you like a fiddle, take your money, and leave you in jail. Only to get her permanent residence in your country. This is what happened to me and I hope to help from another guy going through what I did.

Be in the know

I am not going to create an all promising or hard sell here. See the chapter guide on the right. I have my story available for a very low price, Just $2.99 USD. And this just covers the costs to keep this site running. I feel strongly that other men need to know some of the risks with marrying and immigrating a woman from the Philippines. A two week vacation or a K-1 Visa that only allows you 90 days to really get to know a person is not enough time for their true personality to come out.

You need more preparation.

So for less than the price of a large coffee you can have a peek into the world of a Filipino American marriage that did not end up happily every after. It will give you some tell tale behaviors to look for, plus give you insight into some basic Filipino cultural behaviors you need to be prepared to accept. I will also list some tips you will want to read about avoiding scams and other problems if you continue searching for a Filipino bride online.

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Here are some examples of the many ads you will see on the internet for marriage to a Filipino woman. These mail order bride places all want your business! I am in no way endorsing any of these companies. This is just to illustrate the big business of marriage agencies from the Philippines.